NELLY ADULT pdf English

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Nelly is an oversized, comfortable and trendy pattern to sew a dress, a shirt and a sweater.

  • The sweater is a nice oversized model. One that is very comfortable and ideal for all seasons. The finish of the sweater is unique because it is finished at the bottom with a tunnel and a string through it.
  • With the dress you can choose from a long sleeve, short sleeve or ruffle sleeve. The elastic in the waist creates a nice effect.
  • The pattern also includes a T-shirt. This is not a Belly shirt like the kids, but a wonderfully loose T-shirt that is long enough to tuck into your pants and let it blouse.

In short, a nice pattern with many different options.

It is a pattern from size 32 to size 52.

You can download the pattern as an A0 or A4 file (18 pages.) On the pattern you can find an overview of the sizes, as well as a test square of 3 cm.

Print the pattern in 'actual size'.

The tutorial includes a size chart, overview of supplies, info about the seam allowance ​​and a photo tutorial.

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